Potatoes History

Since the ancestral excavators took their first steps on the new world, nobody was knowing, what was this plant ? However, they loved its taste so much , for this reason they moved it to their native.

it was the POTATO which has succeeded to occupy their tables every where exactly as they did in the new world. POTATO become the usual dish around, which people meet all over the world, to be uttered in the same way "POTATOES". Because it was the common food for all,

so we give all care to its production (from seed to harvesting) to present the best and high quality of POTATOES.

Potatoes History in Egypt

Potatoes were introduced to Egypt during the 19th century by British Colonials to feed their troops. Egypt is one of the largest producers and exporters of potatoes in Africa.

Potato is the second most important vegetable crop after tomato both in terms of cash value and total tonnage produced.

The varieties grown are extremely versatile and can be prepared in numerous ways by consumers.

emely versatile and can be prepared in numerous ways by consumers. They are also sold to producers of potato crisps and chips. The potato production in Egypt is monitored by Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture.

What are the hallmarks of our reliability?


Our commitment to quality

Nana's tradition of quality and excellence is based on the latest technology, plus close cooperation among skilled growers, trained inspectors and capable professionals.

Growth and quality of potatoes are influenced by environmental factors such as temperature, moisture, light, air, soil type and nutrients.

we have control all that condition to get a high and best quality to get a complete customer satisfaction.

Knowing the Business

We are considered as a well known company in potato and agriculture crops trade in Egypt & abroad.

  • Export & Import (more than 30 year)
  • Selecting & packing (manual & automatically in 2 packing houses)
  • Storage & refrigeration (8000 Ton)
  • Seeds (quality products)
  • Commercial representation for DEN HARTIGH BV - HOLLAND - SEED POTATO
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